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Troubleshooting an Overheating LCD TV

LCD TVs are generally known to produce excess heat while in operation. This is actually not a problem if the TV is being placed in a well ventilated area. Overheating occurs in LCD TVs when the vents are blocked and no external cooling system is provided for the TV.

Once this occurs, the most likely symptom of overheating is a sudden shut-down. Overheating isn’t really a big deal one you begin to notice these symptom, it can be fixed easily. So, if you have an LCD TV, and you’ve noticed this symptom, following our troubleshooting guide will surly bring your TV back to life.

Here are the key points on troubleshooting an overheating LCD TV.

Clear Vents

All LCD TVs highlight little ventilation openings to keep air streaming inside the board and keep things cool. Continuously keep these vents unhindered and dust them consistently to improve air development inside the TV. The residue can likewise get inside the board and cause different issues inside the TV, making it doubly critical to keep your vents dust-free.

Improve Airflow

When the vents are cleared, improving by and large wind stream to your TV’s board is basic. Firmly encased spaces trap heat, making it harder for your TV to appropriately disperse heat even with clean vents. Supplant firmly encased diversion habitats with a more open plan if conceivable, or think about mounting your TV on the wall. On the off chance that important, add a little fan inside the nook or set a standing fan to blow inside.

Remove Heat Sources

In the event that the vents are clear and wind current around your TV is acceptable, however it’s actually overheating, an outside heat source might be the issue. In the event that your TV is close by a warming vent, close the vent. Move convenient warmers somewhere else to lessen their effect on your TV’s general temperature. In the event that your TV invests a great deal of energy in direct daylight, move it somewhere else.

Check for Recalls

On the off chance that you’ve followed all the investigating steps and still are having issues with overheating, check online to check whether there is an item review out for your TV. Sony needed to recall¬†1.6 million LCD TVs in 2011 because of an imperfection that caused overheating, smoking and in any event, softening parts.

Contact Technical Support

On the off chance that none of the tips introduced above have assisted with your TV’s overheating issue, it’s conceivable a section on your TV is breaking down or defective. A maintenance endeavor by somebody not expertly prepared in gadgets fix may bring about additional harm. Contact client assistance for additional determination and investigating steps. In the event that your TV’s maker isn’t recorded underneath, check your proprietor’s manual or the producer’s site for contact information


So, that’s it. With these troubleshooting steps if followed accordingly, your LCD TV should be up and running perfectly. However, if symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to call a technician.