How to Regrip Golf Iron Clubs

Regripping golf iron clubs is never an easy task. It takes a lot of time an effort to carry out such task. Although, with the right tools and approach, regripping your golf iron club can be a breeze. On our guide below, we’ve described for you the most easiest way on how to regrip golf iron clubs.

Our approach is quite simple and straightforward, so, if you’re looking for the best way to regrip your golf clubs, this is the right place to check.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

How to Regrip Golf Iron Clubs

Whenever you’ve chosen the golf grip you like, it’s an ideal opportunity to continue. To regrip golf club irons is a basic, clear cycle. When you’re comfortable with the cycle, it’s conceivable to regrip top rated golf irons surprisingly fast. You might need to depend the assignment to your golf expert. Pick a PGA golf proficient to give and put in new golf holds, and you’ll get the advantage of his/her extensive aptitude. A master can manage you through the numerous accessible hold alternatives.

A PGA expert can likewise assist you with normal inquiries. Would it be a good idea for you to supplant an exhausted hold with a similar style? Or on the other hand, is it an opportunity to take a look at a golf grips that better suits your game? In the event that you are certain about your choice of the new golf grip(s) you need, consider the DIY approach.

You’ll require:

  • Tight clamp furnished with elastic tight clamp clips
  • Utility blade or straight sharp edge
  • Deactivating grasp dissolvable and a perfect material
  • Two-sided grasp tape (¾’ or 2″), and 1/64″ develop tape if necessary

Elastic vise clamp are fundamental to ensure the club’s shaft and to keep it from turning. On the off chance that you have graphite screws, it’s smarter to utilize a guide cutting edge to cut into the old grip. You might need to wear elastic gloves to maintain a strategic distance from contact with the deactivating dissolvable.

Remove old grip

Clamp the shaft close to the lower end of the grip. Direct the essence of the club toward the floor. Cut the old grip open. Cutting into an adjusted surface requires care. For the good of wellbeing, don’t cut toward your body. Try not to cut into a graphite shaft. Strip off the old grip and scratch the tape away. Eliminate the excess buildup with grasp dissolvable and a spotless fabric.

Apply grip tape

Size up the new grip to decide the amount of the shaft requires taping. Apply ¾” grip tape in a winding example from the highest point of the shaft to where the grip will end. Apply 2″ grip tape the long way. Eliminate the paper backing. Add some additional tape to the furthest limit of the shaft. To start with, go through form tape on the off chance that you need to build the last width of the new grip. It likewise comes in ¾” and 2″ widths. By and by, apply the ¾” width in a winding example. Apply the 2″ width longwise. Each layer adds 1/64″ to the size of the grip. Layer the tape to accomplish the ideal thickness.

Apply solvent

Utilize a golf tee to plug the opening toward the finish of the grip. Empty dissolvable out of the dark finish of the grip. Cover the open end with your hand and shake to disperse the dissolvable. Eliminate the tee and pour the abundance dissolvable onto the grip tape on the shaft. Put a plate under the cinched shaft to get overabundance dissolvable. On the off chance that you are regripping more than one club, utilize the overabundance dissolvable on different clubs.

Slide grip into place

While the grip tape is as yet wet, generally adjust the grip and pull it down over the butt end of the shaft. Ensure the finish of the shaft settles into the finish of the grip. Calibrate the arrangement so the clubface and grip are square. You’ll have roughly one moment before the tape is not, at this point elusive. Permit the new grip to dry for a few hours.

Put the golf club to use

This is the great part. Head to the principal tee and begin playing with your regripped iron clubs.

Alternative methods

You don’t need to utilize customary grip solvents. There are additionally harmless to the ecosystem dissolvable options like sudsy water and compacted air. The huge contrast is in stand by times. The dissolvable based methodology needs around two hours of drying time. The water-based methodology needs around 24 hours of drying time.

The utilization of packed air disposes of drying time out and out. The water-initiated strategy requires several tablespoons of dishwashing cleanser in a quart of clean water. Apply the solution to the grip tape. Slide the new grip set up. In the event that you have a wellspring of packed air, get an exceptionally planned pressing factor tip from a golf provider.

Append it to the packed air source, and supplement the opposite end into the opening in the butt end of the grip. The packed air will extend the new grip, permitting you to slip it over the grip tape. As you pull out the pressing factor tip, the grip gets back to typical size, firmly sticking to the grip tape. It is conceivable to utilize the packed air technique to eliminate old grip also.

Types of Golf Grips

The present producers utilize a wide assortment of characteristic and manufactured materials to create golf grips. Players search for a harmony between feel, solidness, shabbiness, twist obstruction and vibration damping. There are four general classes of golf grips: wrapped, elastic, corded and hybrid.

  • Wrapped

Real leather wrapped grips stay well known. Be that as it may, producers likewise utilize manufactured materials shaped in a wrapped plan. Engineered materials are frequently less helpless against temperature and mugginess boundaries.

  • Rubber

Rubber grips are the most well-known, partially on the grounds that they are regularly the most affordable. Elastic grips come standard on numerous arrangements of clubs offered to regular players. Great elastic grips offer the grasp steadiness that numerous golf players appreciate.

  • Corded

Coarse, corded grips convey required foothold control in antagonistic climate conditions. They wick away dampness into the holes between the strings. Golf players who play in wet or hot, moist conditions frequently favor corded grips. Players with solid swings that create high swing speeds regularly incline toward corded grips.

  • Hybrid

Somewhat, the fingers and the palm of your hand have various requirements. Half breed golf grips address this with a firm line upper for control and a delicate elastic lower for comfort.


Although, there are more that one method of regripping a golf club. However, this is by far the most convenient, and fastest method we’ve discovered. Be that as it may, which ever method you choose to use in regripping your golf iron clubs, ensure you always protect  yourself and stay safe.

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Most Important Features Every Gaming TV Should Have

There’s no doubt, we’ll love playing video games in one form or the other right? and most video games are being played with a console being attached to a TV. For you to enjoy or get the best experience while playing video games, you need the best gaming TVs as well.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the most important features every gaming TV should have. So, if you’ve got yourself a gaming console and you thinking of buying a new gaming TV, here we’ve listed the most important features you should look out for before buying.

The Important Features Every Gaming TV Should Have

Most Important Features Every Gaming TV Should Have

Input Lag

This is by a long shot the BIGGEST factor for most no-nonsense gamers. The deliberate time between the press of a button on your regulator to the relating in-game activity being shown is spoken to as a TV’s information slack rating. Straightforwardly, the figure given is the measure of time that will pass between your activities and the on-screen result. In the event that the information slack of your TV is excessively high (we rank anything under 50ms to be acceptable and under 25ms phenomenal) you can be put at an immense detriment in serious multiplayer games – add almost 100ms on to each response you make and you’ll rapidly acknowledge how off-putting it can feel.

Lamentably, data isn’t in every case promptly accessible for the information lag rating of a TV, with numerous producers discarding the figure completely. We use a Leo Bodnar Input Lag Tester to discover how our TVs perform, with distributed outcomes accessible in the details of a TV’s item page. On the off chance that you play a ton of multiplayer games, this will be the main factor to buying another TV – we enthusiastically suggest anything under 25ms.


Famous home consoles have shown content in Full HD resolution (1080p) for as far back as 10 years, so hasn’t been a factor to consider until the declaration of the PS4 Pro and (codenamed) Xbox Scorpio. Both guarantee to convey 4K Ultra HD gaming in our family rooms, so on the off chance that you have your eye on one of these, it very well may be astute to consider getting a 4K Ultra HD TV in planning.

Remember that yielding a 1080p sign from your PS4 or Xbox One to a 4K Ultra HD TV turns out great, so regardless of whether you don’t anticipate making the steady move up to 4K only for gaming, you can in any case profit when viewing Ultra HD movies or TV. Consider your console of decision, extra gadgets you intend to utilize, and afterward choose from that point. Ultra HD selection is expanding, yet Full HD is as yet by far most of substance accessible, so you won’t be given up in 2 years in the event that you pick that course.

Display Technology

To make matters additionally befuddling, the new consoles promote HDR visuals, implying that you’ll require a HDR viable TV to exploit the highlights advertised. HDR has been situated as the biggest jump in visual quality since the leap to Full HD from standard resolution, implying that getting a HDR viable TV may be an insightful choice in case you’re taking a gander at the new consoles. In case you’re searching for a reasonable, Ultra HD TV with HDR similarity, this Samsung UE49KU6400 UHD TV is an incredible pick.


For the vast majority, all you’ll require is a HDMI port for your consoles. The current and past age of consoles are viable with a HDMI association, of which all HDTVs will be outfitted with. Again, the new consoles shake up the innovation necessities altogether. To mess around in 4K on the PS4 Pro, for instance, Sony has affirmed that a HDMI 2.0 cable and port is needed to guarantee 60fps execution at 4K Ultra HD resolution. Check your picked TV has the necessary ports for your ideal console or fringe (Ultra HD Blu-ray additionally use HDMI 2.0) before you focus on a buy.

In case you’re a retro addict things get somewhat more confounded. You’ll need to guarantee that you have in any event 1 SCART attachment accessible for your trusty PS2, while more established consoles regularly utilize an ethereal attachment (which may require a RF collector to work, framework depending) to show effectively. Our recommendation is to have an away from of what peripherals you plan on utilizing, regardless of whether supports, a Ultra HD Blu-ray Player or set-top box, and delineating how you’ll interface it to your tele-to-be. It’s a brief period devouring yet definitely justified even despite the exertion!

Game Mode

Most TVs ought to have this component (regularly found in the presentation settings menu), yet it’s critical to check. ‘Game Mode’ (can go under an alternate name) is an image mode that eliminates a great deal of superfluous post-preparing utilized for showing normal substance. The distinction can be faltering; input slack can drop by up to 80%, giving you a much smoother and responsive experience. We test every one of our TVs with Game Mode empowered when conceivable to get the most exact outcomes.


Although, there’s a lot to look out for when it comes to choosing a TV for gaming, However, these few points we’ve listed above will give you a good start on choosing a good gaming TV.

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Troubleshooting an Overheating LCD TV

LCD TVs are generally known to produce excess heat while in operation. This is actually not a problem if the TV is being placed in a well ventilated area. Overheating occurs in LCD TVs when the vents are blocked and no external cooling system is provided for the TV.

Once this occurs, the most likely symptom of overheating is a sudden shut-down. Overheating isn’t really a big deal one you begin to notice these symptom, it can be fixed easily. So, if you have an LCD TV, and you’ve noticed this symptom, following our troubleshooting guide will surly bring your TV back to life.

Here are the key points on troubleshooting an overheating LCD TV.

Clear Vents

All LCD TVs highlight little ventilation openings to keep air streaming inside the board and keep things cool. Continuously keep these vents unhindered and dust them consistently to improve air development inside the TV. The residue can likewise get inside the board and cause different issues inside the TV, making it doubly critical to keep your vents dust-free.

Improve Airflow

When the vents are cleared, improving by and large wind stream to your TV’s board is basic. Firmly encased spaces trap heat, making it harder for your TV to appropriately disperse heat even with clean vents. Supplant firmly encased diversion habitats with a more open plan if conceivable, or think about mounting your TV on the wall. On the off chance that important, add a little fan inside the nook or set a standing fan to blow inside.

Remove Heat Sources

In the event that the vents are clear and wind current around your TV is acceptable, however it’s actually overheating, an outside heat source might be the issue. In the event that your TV is close by a warming vent, close the vent. Move convenient warmers somewhere else to lessen their effect on your TV’s general temperature. In the event that your TV invests a great deal of energy in direct daylight, move it somewhere else.

Check for Recalls

On the off chance that you’ve followed all the investigating steps and still are having issues with overheating, check online to check whether there is an item review out for your TV. Sony needed to recall 1.6 million LCD TVs in 2011 because of an imperfection that caused overheating, smoking and in any event, softening parts.

Contact Technical Support

On the off chance that none of the tips introduced above have assisted with your TV’s overheating issue, it’s conceivable a section on your TV is breaking down or defective. A maintenance endeavor by somebody not expertly prepared in gadgets fix may bring about additional harm. Contact client assistance for additional determination and investigating steps. In the event that your TV’s maker isn’t recorded underneath, check your proprietor’s manual or the producer’s site for contact information


So, that’s it. With these troubleshooting steps if followed accordingly, your LCD TV should be up and running perfectly. However, if symptoms persist, don’t hesitate to call a technician.